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Golf Channel Gets in the Swing

A new series on the Golf Channel highlights young players learning to hit the ball like Tiger Woods.

With the working title of “Hilton Head 101,” the reality show will take viewers to the International Junior Golf Academy in the famed South Carolina golf haven. There students will learn from the best, including Hank Haney, who, in addition to being Mr. Woods’ swing coach, is director of instruction for the academy.

Viewers learning about the demands of competition on the talented young golfers and the normal stresses of teen life, including academics, will be par for the course on the reality show.

“The students at IJGA all have tremendous stories to tell, and are great stories themselves,” said Jay Kossoff, Golf Channel executive producer of original productions. “They’re passionate about why they are there, and they take very seriously the concept of trying to become world-class athletes. Sometimes we almost forget that they’re still young and trying to figure out who they are.”

The series has begun production and is scheduled to premiere in September.

IJGA has granted show producers complete access to reveal the ups and downs faced by students from all over the world who have chosen to live at the academy to pursue their dreams—but who also remain teenagers who are impressionable, eager to be popular and away from home for the first time.

“When Golf Channel’s cameras start capturing these talented young men and women on film, I believe viewers will be as impressed with them as I am,” Mr. Haney said. “It’s really a privilege to work with the golf stars of tomorrow at the IJGA.”

Convergence, located in Orlando, Fla., has been retained by Golf Channel to assist with production on “Hilton Head 101.”