‘Good Morning America’ Gets a New Weekend Anchor

Aug 11, 2014  •  Post A Comment

A new weekend anchor joined ABC’s “Good Morning America” this past weekend. Deadline.com reports that the morning show brought aboard Paula Faris to replace Bianna Golodryga.

Golodryga left ABC News for a new role at Yahoo, while Faris moved to the morning show from “World News Now.” The new weekend team at “GMA” also includes Rob Marciano, who was named senior meteorologist last month, the story notes.

“Marciano, who had been co-anchor at ET since 2013, is maybe better known for the decade he spent as hot weather guy at CNN,” the piece notes.

ABC NEWS - Rob Nelson and Paula Faris. (ABC/Heidi Gutman) PAULA FARIS

Paula Faris


  1. Sarah the weekend and occasional person on Good Morning America weekend and also filling in for the weekday show is not very good. She seems forced and phoney. I so miss Josh and Sam and many people agree with me. Lara Spencer very genuine.

  2. I could only take so much of the comedy act Bianna and Dan did every weekend.
    Love Paula! If Dan stops trying to be a comedian, I might stay tuned-in more.

  3. Paula talks WAY too fast. Somebody needs to tell her to slow down.

  4. I love Dan, Ron, Rob and Sarah. I do not like Paula Feris.
    Feris interrupts to much, and she is not funny.
    As for the weekday crew, there needs to be more men and not Strahan. The show also needs to be more serious, it has become to silly. LOVE GEORGE!!!!!

  5. WOW, Sarah is super annoying. She needs to chill. It’s like she has to talk over everyone

  6. PLEASE REPLACE PAULA FARIS!!! My husband and I are faithful viewers of GMA and GMA Weekend and have been for several years. However, we are disappointed every weekend since Paula Faris joined as co-anchor. We love the rest of the group but Paula is so loud, rude and obnoxious. It appears she wants to be the center of attention ALWAYS no matter what the topic or who is presenting. Her loud voice walks all over the others when they are trying to talk. We find ourselves talking to the TV saying “just shut up Paula!” So, please consider replacing her with one of your more appropriate and pleasant, as well as talented reporters who have filled in like Linzie Janis or Cecilia Vega. Thank you!

    Hope this gets to the Executives at ABC!

  7. I was surprised to find that others feel the same way I do towards Paula Faris. I noticed a few months ago before Paula went to “The View” that she was acting real ugly toward Ron. I even brought it to my mom’s attention to see if it was me and she had noticed it too. Then when she started working for the view, she changed her attitude (sort of – fake).
    Just like Jill stated above; Paula is so loud and rude. She wants to be the center of attention regardless of the subject or who is presenting it and always drowning out her co-workers. She tried drowning Sara out for a while but now she shuts her down.
    I find myself muting the TV when she speaks are yelling for her to Shut-up even if she can’t hear me. They need to put her on during the week so I can’t see nor hear her.

    As for Sarah, I know she likes being the clown of the show but with all of the smiling that she does she may want to invest in Botox because the wrinkles will catch up to her and quickly. Calm down Sarah …

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