Did Lee Harvey Oswald Act Alone? TV Series Unearths New Evidence in JFK Assassination

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A new nonfiction series premiering next week examines new evidence in the JFK assassination and explores new theories in an effort to determine whether Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. History rolled out plans for “JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald,” which premieres Tuesday, April 25.

The limited series will air in six parts.

“More than 2 million declassified government files offer new evidence about Lee Harvey Oswald’s activities in the weeks, months and years before the assassination of President John F. Kennedy with the last remaining documents scheduled for release later this year,” History notes in its announcement.

The series tracks former CIA agent Bob Baer and former LAPD police lieutenant Adam Bercovici on an independent global investigation into Oswald and the JFK assassination. The program wraps on Tuesday, May 30, during the week that would have marked JFK’s 100th birthday.

“Working alongside elite investigative experts and utilizing state-of-the-art analysis algorithms to examine these top secret files, Baer and his team travel to Moscow, Mexico City, New Orleans, Miami and Dallas to track down every lead and retrace Oswald’s steps with the goal of separating conspiracy theory from the truth,” the announcement notes. “While on the ground in Mexico, the team discovers new clues that suggest a deeper connection between Oswald and the Soviet KGB. Declassified documents reveal that Oswald met with the Cold War enemies of the United States, both Russia and Cuba, only eight weeks before JFK’s assassination.”

The announcement adds: “Following evidence from these declassified files, Baer’s investigation tracks down a former KGB agent and other eyewitnesses who, for the first time on camera, speak about personally meeting with Oswald only weeks before he changed the course of American history. Among the most compelling evidence are police documents that connect Oswald to a suspected ‘safe house’ in Dallas where he could have hidden after the assassination.”

“JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald” is produced for History by Karga Seven Pictures. Sarah Wetherbee, Kelly McPherson, Emre Sahin, Tracy Bacal and Brian Skope are executive producers for Karga Seven Pictures. Jennifer Wagman and Stephen Mintz are executive producers for History.


  1. Gee, History Channel, isn’t this conveeeeeenient.

  2. This is more JFK Assassination conspiracy nonsense — a topic that the shameless “History” channel has been milking for decades. There is no “new evidence,” no new “witnesses” and certainly no credible “algorithms” that can shed light on the fact on this murder.

    Those interested in a truly exhaustive and credible investigation into these events should read the late Vincent Bugliosi’s massive “Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy.” Not the 400 page synopsis, but the full 1600 page version plus the two CD’s of original files and evidence.


  3. You are so correct. There is no credible evidence proving anything but the copnclusion the Warren Commission found. There was some very interesting meetings Oswald had in Mexico City…with Cubans and Russians, but he had no way to know JFK was to be in Dallas later that Fall. And if this production makes any sort of claim that Jim Garrison and New Orleans was somehow involved, it’s more crap. It’s rather amazing to me how many believe they can “become someone” by solving this alleged puzzle. Many have tried, but manufactured “facts” somehow fade in the light of honest evaluation.

    • You can’t possibly have read anything about the Kennedy assassination beyond the superficial claptrap from the mainstream media. The Warren Commission delivered a fable from top to bottom.

  4. I don’t believe an idiot like Oswald pulled it off. Pro snipets couldn’t do that many shots that quick with bolt action rifle. Also, LBJ locked down files 76 years…hmm, everyone would be long gone. He was number one motive.

    • Yep, I still wonder why LBJ conveniently had his mother’s Bible on Air Force One, so he could be sworn in. Does anyone believe he just always carried his mother’s Bible? Puhleeze. Why was that not investigated?

  5. For those who would like a different view, check out http://www.fixthebus.com, then scroll over to JFK. Oswald definitely had help. Unfortunately, most people who speak about the Kennedy assassination have never read one word of the testImony or given it more than five minutes of thought.

  6. As the CIA is in up to its neck in coup of 11/22/63, having a CI type as your lead investigator is poor. More important, the Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 calls for the release of all files in October of 2017. My guess is this program is a way to make the release seem unimportant. But it is most important. Anyone really after truth would push this program back until the release and reading of the many million of pages to be released.

  7. It’s kind of funny how someone is blaming the Russians again.
    That would mean that everything I’ve watched and read is wrong as to who is responsible for the assassination of JFK as would be many other independent sources.
    I’m looking forward to seeing what they have to say only because I firmly believe this is another lame attempt at out government trying to cover up a crime and create a false narrative just like they did with the Warren Report.
    LBJ was one of the most corrupt politicians and Presidents we ever had.
    There have already been some deathbed confessions and interviews most notably by E. howard Hunt.
    The only people that will believe this nonsense is the causal observer who doesn’t have much interest in who was actually responsible for killing President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

  8. It’s kind of funny how someone is blaming the Russians again. Is this just a coincidence?
    That would mean that everything I’ve watched and read over the past many years is wrong as to who is responsible for the assassination of JFK as would be many other very credible independent sources.
    I’m looking forward to seeing what they have to say only because I firmly believe this is another lame attempt at our government trying to cover up a crime and create a false narrative just like they did with the Warren Report and have been trying to do since then.
    LBJ was one of the most corrupt politicians and Presidents we ever had.
The CIA and FBI have already been found complicit/guilty in the assassination of Martin Luther King in a case brought against the US Government by the King Family.
    There have already been some deathbed confessions and interviews most notably by E. howard Hunt.
    All the information and pieces are out there to put it all together as to who was involved and it’s not pretty
    The only people that will believe this nonsense is the causal observer who doesn’t have much interest in who was actually responsible for killing our own President, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

  9. Why lock files up if it was simply the act of a “lone nut” ? What is there to hide ? Things that make you go hmmm .

  10. The real most basic question on the whole matter is who made the call? Once one begins to understand who had the power to put whatever plan happened in motion, the reasons become clearer. Most everyone believes the Warren Commission and the Lone Gunman is pure fabrication. If 11/23/63 was truly a Coup d’état, who set it in motion? We need to understand the WHY before who can be known.

  11. How predictable another farcical documentary which is designed to create confusion. Smoke and mirrors.
    Don’t be fooled. Oswald was nothing more than the pasty.

    • Yeah, and in addition to his poor skin tone, he took the fall for those higher up the food chain!
      I know this because Greg said so.
      At least, I think that’s what he meant.
      Unless it was something about Oswald being a small decoration covering up the nipple on a large boob.
      Which I suppose in a symbolic sense might also be true.

  12. Another load of History Channel dog-poop from more people trying to make money off the Kennedy assassination. Read “Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK” (1993) by Gerald Posner. He debunks the various conspiracy theories.

    One example was a man the History Channel showed on one of their many phoney Kennedy conspiracy stories, who claimed to be an eyewitness to someone shooting Kennedy from the grass knoll. Posner proved that this liar was in Alaska at the time of the assassination. STOP AIRING THIS GARBAGE, HISTORY CHANNEL!!

  13. This is not rocket science. the Zapruder film clearly shows 2 bullets ( different kinds of bullets.. Two different directions, and Jackie Kennedy reaching to the back of the limo for a piece of his brain.. then she cups it to his head all the way to the hostipal, (she spoke about this in Esquire magazine..there is only one way that blood splatter and skull ended up in that direction.. like being shot from the direction behind the picket fence..Oswald had nothing to do with this murder, which is why he was shot 2 days later.. To shut him up forever…Kennedy was bringing troops out of Viet-Nam and the warhawks couldnt go for that. All this business about Oswald going to Russia and to Mexico made him the perfect Patsy.. It was all provided by Oswald friend George DeMornshildt who was an employee of George Bush and Prescott Bush both with the CIA.. Lets see a History Channel special about this.. complete with the death bed confessions of E.Howard Hunt..

  14. Just some thoughts:
    -The audio of the shots captured by the motorcycle policeman’s open microphone proved that the shots were too close together for Oswald to have fired them
    -The autopsy photos certainly do not match eye witness testimony of witnesses or doctors or staff of Parkland Hospital
    -JFK and RFK went after the mob-and considering the FBI ran by Hoover had laid off the mob since the mid 1950’s, they had a very good motive
    -LBJ reversed an executive order to keep troops in Nam
    -Oswald shoots the president and doesn’t have an exit plan? If he was CIA or even hired by the mob, would they take the chance of the guy spilling beans with names and such information?
    -Ruby stated the world will never know of his motives as to why he did it, but his lawyer based their case on a crime of passion
    I’m not a conspiracy guy but I have read a lot about this. Too many things just don’t add up to what the government told us and considering the government has lied to us time and time again, I certainly am cautious to believe them.

  15. Bob Baer started off by saying Oswald was in Mexico City. Where is the evidence of that? Their was a picture of a man that was suppose to be Oswald and it was a man that was husky build and looked nothing like Oswald. Bob Baer being one of the top CIA agents is just doing his old boss George Herbert Walker a favor before he dies by trying to take the light the has been shown on Bush being in Dealey Plaza during the shooting. Their is a picture of Bush being their and also a J Edgar Hoover memo stating a George Bush a oil man from Texas calling in with a tip. The CIA involvement has come to light since 11/22/63 and a CIA lifer named Bob Baer is just doing what he does best lie,decieve and spread disinformation.

  16. One important thing I forgot to add about Bush is that he can’t remember where he was on 11/22/63. Anyone that was a kid on the day JFK was murdered or older has the memory ingrained with them for life. It is the equivalent to my memory on 911 and anyone can relate to that.

    You tube Bush giving Gerald Ford’s eulogy and George Herbert Walker chuckles during the eulogy while he mentions a loan gunman kill’s President Kennedy.

    The CIA is still withholding their documents on the assassination,why don’t they release them? The members of the plot are still alive.

  17. Great comments, I agree with all. This is part of the disinformation campaign I have watched each year before November, since 1963. This year it preempts the release of docs in October (the date of which designed to survive most of us doubters), and is also politically expedient to try to put blame on Cuba & Russia, at a time when reestablished relationships with Cuba has occurred and is likely as unpopular with the current US gov’t as it was then. Oswald was a Patsy, nothing more. Case closed.

  18. This show will not mention any of the many things that are real issues with the assassination. The shows purpose is to seem like it wants to discover the plot to kill John Kennedy but it’s real purpose is to mislead us to what really happened.

    I hope the young generation that is going to watch this show looks at it the assassination like it should be, threw hard evidence and if something doesn’t seem right it isn’t right. Please read or watch eyewitness testimony to the assassination and watch the Zapruder film. You have to ask yourself why was the Zapruder film hidden from public view for thirteen years? Why are their splices and alteration’s done in the film? Technology has come a long way since 1963 and the film can not hold up to today’s technology. Their is a crude blackish blog covering the back of JFK head to hide the massive blow out from a frontal shot. Before the car goes under the under pass it shows Connolly sitting up in the back seat next to JFK.

    The show could talk about the photo of the badge man shooting a gun from the Grassy Knoll.

    It could mention the image of people shooting from the Dal Tex building. Or Lyndon Johnson ducking in his car before anyone knew that shots were being fired,but he knew what was coming.

    We could go on and on and on about evidence that has been discovered by researchers but they never want to mention the hard evidence like Malcolm Wallace’s fingerprint that was found in the Texas school Book Depository because that links Johnson to the murder and links George Herbert Walker Bush. Both men were close to Wallace. Lyndon Johnson’s hitman was Wallace,George Bush was in Skull in Bones with Wallace.

    The one thing that tells us that this was a very well organized and executed event is that Kennedy was gunned down in broad day light and our government took the crime seen out of Dallas which was Kennedy’s Lincoln limousine and flew it to Washington. The car was torn down to bare sheet metal and rebuilt. I would like any Kennedy skeptic to tell me the justification for destroying the crime scene. Why would they do that? Only one reason explains it, coverup !!!!

    It would be great if President Trump releases The CIA documents that are due to come out this year. President Trump is the only one that can deny their release. If he decide’s he dose’nt is it because he’s afraid that the CIA once again will put a team in action?

    President Trump wanted to build a relationship with Russia and he is being forced to drive a wedge between us and Russia since he has taken office. Then we have this show now with Bob Baer trying to pin the murder of President Kennedy to Oswald and Russia.

    I think it is laughable. The government and Media continue to manipulate us with these bogus tv shows false information and most people fall for it.

    It is time for the Government to be transparent for a change and release the rest of the files and let the CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA know what exactly what they have been hiding from us so we can heal as a country.

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