ABC to Broadcast Next Clinton-Obama Debate

Mar 21, 2008  •  Post A Comment

ABC will broadcast the April 16 debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the Hollywood Reporter says. “World News” anchor Charles Gibson and “This Week” host George Stephanopoulos will moderate the 90-minute event from Philadelphia, the newspaper reports.


  1. I hope Gibson grills that two-faced phony baloney Obama about his 20 year long connection to a snake in the grass bigot and America hater in Reverun Wright.
    Go Hillary, go!!!!

  2. i hope mr stephanopoulos remembers he is not on the clinton’s payroll any longer. i also hope abc (Always ‘Bout Clinton) news attempts to be fair and balanced instead of going for a big ratings spike!

  3. I disagree with richard abe does not cover clinton more than obama. I was becoming tired of always hearing how wonder the puplic thinks obama is. I’m sure he’s a nice guy but as president he’ll be cut off at the knees by the good ol’ boys club in washington

  4. This whole mess we have been calling a “Presidential Race”, that in fact is a marathon of over a year just to get to the “annointing” of a nominee has done more to kill our political process than anyone could possibly dream up.
    It’s a shame and a national/international disgrace.
    The display of egos and the pandering has diminished our process.
    Debate? This will be a debate? We haven’t had a debate yet. All we’ve had are media soap boxes from which these would be candidates have spewed forth their brand of rhetoric.
    If anyone could sit there and put their political toes to the fire it would be you, Charlie Gibson. God, I hope you do.
    George, as brilliant as you are, stay home. You are too steeped in the political house to come outside and throw pointed punches.
    Charlie, go for it, for us, be our representative and continue in that mode until November.
    Peter Bright

  5. George Stephanopoulos on ABC This Week is the only tv anchor/host who is knowledgeable, smart and quick enough to correct biased guests who try to slip in erroneous remarks about candidates or the process. Odd that the person who worked in politics has become the only elections reporter who practices any journalistic integrity. The smug, slanted, sexist reporting on NBC/MSNBC has sunk to Fox’s level. As for CBS, where’s Bob Shiefer? Face the Nation is continually pre-empted in our market.

  6. George Stephanopoulos? Sorry, that sounds like a conflict of interests.

  7. I’m seriously saddened about the terrible disservice the American media is providing our country. The questions being asked and the headlines that are being highlighted are so far off base its ridiculous.
    The truth is we don’t know what any of the candidates is going do when it comes addressing some of the issues that we are facing and the media is not helping us find out.

  8. To sustain thatG.Stefanopolous is unbias ,knowledgeable,is the funniest joke on internet chating.

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