Couric’s Fate Discussed at CBS

Apr 11, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Katie Couric’s future was discussed at a top-level meeting at CBS in February, the New York Times reports. While a decision about moving Ms. Couric out of the “CBS Evening News” anchor chair was deferred until after the Presidential election at the meeting, rumors and news reports may mean an earlier departure for Ms. Couric, the newspaper says.


  1. Katie can make many valuable contributions to CBS News. Staying in the Anchor Chair is NOT one of them.
    The unwillingness and inability of LM and the other CBS brass to admit their mistake and take action should have CBS stock holders up in arms.
    Within CBS News ranks are at least five great choices to sit down, manage and report the Evening News for at least the next decade.
    To go outside and get another “Markee” name is stupid and irresponsible, besides that mistake has already been made disastrously.
    The time to act is NOW. The viability of the CBS News icon becomes less each day.
    Gee, maybe some time will have to be invested to regain respect and an audience. Large dollars to buy attraction to the entity are not the answer.
    The answer is obvious. Holders of CBS paper should demand action today. If they don’t get it, then they should demand changes from the top down at Black Rock.
    Peter Bright

  2. I hope then get a real manly ‘voice of authority’ next time. I, for one, and really getting fed up with the Chickification of TV news!

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