Ferguson Finally Beats O’Brien

Apr 11, 2008  •  Post A Comment

CBS late-night host Craig Ferguson last week had a larger average television audience than NBC’s Conan O’Brien for the first time, the New York Times reports. Mr. Ferguson drew an average of 1.88 million viewers, compared with 1.77 million for Mr. O’Brien, the newspaper says.
— Danny King


  1. Conan has been an embarrassment since he has been on. He may have been an excellent comedy writer, but his talent stopped there. It reminds me of putting a college coach on as a sports director in a local tv station. Been there and done that…I used to write for Tom Nugent at Channel 10 in Miami back in the 60’s. Great coach, lousy sports director and terrible on the air. Ferguson is funnier than Conan ever thought of being and has a lot more fun doing it that Conan ever will….and he does it all by himself! He is terrific
    and makes the rest of the late night community seem trite and amateuristic! Put Craig on earlier and he would blow them all away.,,including the tiring Letterman and the bumbling Leno.

  2. Conan had a rough start but later defined late night comedy for a new generation of viewers, much in the way that Dave did.
    Television viewing is so fragmented now that when Conan takes over “Tonight,” it will not be the same event as when Jay took over for Johnny.
    I do not care what anyone thinks, the conventional networks still define late night entertainment, but can Dave, Jay, Conan, Craig and Jimmy adapt to the ever changing needs/wants of the conventional viewer? Me thinks so.

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