N.Y. PBS Stations to Replace BBC News

Apr 30, 2008  •  Post A Comment

New York public-television stations WNET-TV and WLIW-TV may drop the nightly “BBC World News” favor of a self-produced half-hour newscast focusing on international issues, the New York Times reports. The new show, titled “Your World Tonight,” may also replace “BBC World News” on more than 200 U.S. public stations, the newspaper says. BBC Americas has been concentrating on a new newscast aimed at U.S. viewers that appears on its for-profit cable channel.
— Danny King


  1. Good riddance. BBC is an anti-American repository of partial truths, distortions, and outright lies that spreads hatred for America and Americans around the world. Its news coverage is inferior to PBS’s own nightly news hour and the many fine programs about current events on PBS, C-Span, etc. Now all we need to do is have NPR get rid of them and they will no longer be subsidized by the American taxpayer.

  2. Terrible loss.
    BBC News is the best news agency. It is perhaps the only news agency in the world that does not toe to the governing ideology or party line. I used to watch it every night. (And I watch the news from American and other European channels, as well).

  3. Fischer is very likely an “Israel above all else” type,a neo-con who is disappointed that McCain did not win and attack Iran immediately. He together with Kristol and the rest of the neo-cons should be given free tickets to Israel. He obviously does not want the US to hear about what goes on in the West Bank and Gaza .

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