‘Rock,’ ‘Office’ May Hurt NBC Family Hour

Apr 14, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Current plotlines in “30 Rock” and “The Office” may hurt NBC’s efforts to market the network’s Thursday primetime lineup as “family hour,” the New York Times reports. Last week’s “30 Rock” featured the pitching of a fictional show involving teenagers and sexy mothers on an island while “The Office” included the bleeping out of a vulgarity, the newspaper says.
–Danny King

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  1. Not the first time NBC has dealt with issues over it’s Thursday night line-up/content.
    A few years ago I recall them dealing with the lack of African-American viewers tuning in to watch the Thursday night lineup with Seinfeld, Friends, The Single Guy etc…
    As as a black guy who DID watch NBC’s Thursday night lineup back then, it was interesting to note that there were absolutely no black or minority regulars in the casts on any of the comedy sitcoms that aired between 8 and 10 PM – when ER came on and we got a slice of what the urban landscape actually looked like.
    Back then many people, not just African- Americans either, often quipped that NBC stood for No Black Characters when it came to Thursday night’s from 8 -10pm…
    I note that only because it’s interesting to note the parallels between the demographic that NBC is trying to reach now (“family”) and the actual content of the shows – and the complaints back then about not reaching minority viewers with a two-hour lineup of 1/2 – hour sitcoms set in New York City that had no characters of color. Seinfeld eventually did begin to feature the “Johnny Cochran-like” lawyer guy who was comical…
    Does NBC’s Ben Silverman actually watch any of the shows he’s broadcasting during “family hour”?
    No slight against either show, which are both really funny, but if I had a kid, I’m not sure our quality television time would be plopping down to watch ’30 Rock’ and ‘The Office’ together – if he or she was under say, 12?

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