‘Superstar’ May Have Cost ‘Idol’ Hopeful

Apr 25, 2008  •  Post A Comment

A contestant on Fox’s “American Idol” might have been voted off the show because she sang the title song from “Jesus Christ Superstar,” a rock opera the offends some Christians, the New York Times reports. Before she was eliminated, Carly Smithson’s performance was hailed as one of the best of the night, the paper says.


  1. Oh, in the name of GOD !!!!!!

  2. I thought it was the worst performance of the night! Her worst enemy was her tatoo and her tatooed all over husband who frankly looks like a freak.

  3. Carly has a brilliant career ahead of her.
    Hopefully she will have many offers to consider.
    Peter Bright

  4. Give me a break! That was NOT the reason. That musical has been around nearly 40 years and I think most Christians who had a problem with it either got over it or died off. I thinkn it’s funny that this is even an issue as it sounds like like Christians “all of a sudden” got up in arms with Carly for Superstar yet seemed to be OK with her sleeve of tats! The fact is that Carly was destined to voted off at some point. Last week was it. The end.

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