TVs Will Go Dark Despite Warnings

Apr 15, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Despite extensive warnings and advertising, some Americans will lose television service because of the switchover to digital broadcasts without knowing why, Multichannel News reports, citing National Association of Broadcasting joint board chairman Jack Sanders yesterday. By next February, every U.S. household will receive an average of 642 warnings about the transition, Multichannel News says.
— Danny King


  1. So far, I can see where some of the public wouldn’t care about loss of signal. Reason being, The networks sites, hulu.com, Youtube, etc., retransmitting programming. Plus, add other media such as digital player casting (such as local stations are attempting to do, without cell companies).
    The message isn’t getting out there for a reason. Its time for EVERYONE in the business to look at TV, as we know it, dying.
    From where I stand, This definitely is a potential risk… similar to Newspapers and TV and the intenet. Someone has got to go.
    Think about this too, If I can get shows when I want to see them for free, why wait through an infomercial for the “Potato Granny” kitchen appliance.

  2. Anybody who “loses” TV after next February either doesn’t care, or doesn’t have normal intelligence.
    After a year of heavy coverage of the change-over, plus the widely publicized government handout of digital to analog converters, a person would have to be really dense to suddenly find themselves with no TV.

  3. The fact is that the “really dense” make up a significant portion of the TV viewing audience. Do advertisers want to sacrifice these viewers?
    I’ve thought for years now that the transition to digital might not go as smoothly as hoped. And while there may be many things Americans will tolerate, the loss of TV service is not among them. Politicians ought to be, and are, concerned about it. Why? Because the “really dense” don’t just watch TV and buy stuff – they also vote.

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