ABC to Pitch New Index for Advertisers

May 13, 2008  •  Post A Comment

ABC today is expected to announce a 15-point index to help advertisers choose their best marketing opportunities on the Walt Disney-owned network, the Wall Street Journal reports. ABC’s “Advertising Value Index” will include such audience criteria as income, education level and employment status, the Journal says.
–Danny King


  1. When I clicked on the article about the ABC index, a banner for AETN came up. Very appropriate, since it appears ABC is pitching the same values that cable has been pitching for years. A better quality audience represents far greater buying opportunities for advertisers!

  2. Statistics, statistics…what will we have you believe today?
    As a radio programmer at one time I played all kind of tricks on air and skewed an obviously flawed ratings system to our economic favor…in truth we had been getting bad numbers, yet could produce tens of thousands to show up places on no advance notice. We had a bigger audience than the books had represented up to that time.
    Several years ago, long since out of radio, I was sent a ratings journal to fill out for a month. I skewed it for morning and evening drive time on one station in a particular market…the next book came out and their numbers went up enough points for those time periods that they got higher rates.
    Rating services and all the damn statistics are not solid. Indicators, or potentials perhaps, but they never tell the whole story. A lot of smoke and mirrors and VERY susceptible to manipulation.
    Peter Bright

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