CW’s ‘Reaper’ Lives

May 12, 2008  •  Post A Comment

The CW has given a second season order to “Reaper,” the Hollywood Reporter says. The supernatural drama will return midseason for 13 episodes, which most likely will air with “Supernatural” on Thursdays, the newspaper says.
—Vlada Gelman


  1. What do you mean air “with Supernatural”? I hope you don’t mean it will again take Supernatural’s slot? Smallville and Supernatural are the Thursday night line-up, so where exactly does Reaper fit?
    Too bad the CW antagonized all the Supernatural fans by promoting Reaper to the perceived detriment of Supernatural. Once we got over our anger at the network the show isn’t half bad, but so many of my friends refused to watch simply on principle.
    I hope the CW learned something from the deal. Promote Supernatural too, because it is the best show on the network, not to mention on TV period!

  2. I have never seen a group as whine as much as supernatural watchers. Get a life.

  3. Learn to proofread, BJ2 (as whine as?). You are right about the crybabies. Long live Reaper!

  4. Please don’t group all Supernatural fans together. Yes, some whine, but not all. That’s like me saying all Reaper fans are pompous SOBs because they think a show that has an lead character named Sam and deals with a demon is so fantastic and original. (Come to think of it, seems like in 2005 I started watching a show with a character named Sam and dealt with a demon…yeah, Supernatural). But I have friends who watch Reaper AND Supernatural, proving that the fan bases can coexist. I think a Reaper/Supernatural night actually makes more sense than Smallville/Supernatural, but what do I know, I’m a crybaby apparently. Without a life. Oh wait, that’s a lie. I do have a life. And I’m not a crybaby. I’m a fan of a really good show. Reaper viewers are fans of a, well, not as good show IMO but I think it deserves a pickup and I’m surprised it was only picked up for 13 weeks. I thought they proved themselves worthy of a full season. I don’t think Supernatural will take a 13 week break so that Reaper can air, but you never know. What bothers many Supernatural fans is that the CW promotes the heck out of Reaper but not Supernatural. Every single episode of Supernatural has an ad, sometimes more, for Reaper. Does Reaper air Supernatural ads? Not the times I’ve actually tried to watch it. They forced a hiatus during the writer’s strike and many thought the show had been cancelled…because of the lack of publicity. I personally had no problem with moving Reaper to Thursday nights (I’d still like to see how it does against new episodes of The Office, CSI, and Grey’s original episodes…a test it never had to perform). What made viewers upset, is that CW would show an encore presentation of Pussy Cat Dolls, but not show Supernatural…both Reaper and Supernatural could have benefitted from exposure on new nights. Anyway, just my opinion. Guess I’ll quit whining now.

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