Spears May Return for Third ‘Mother’ Visit

May 12, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Britney Spears may return next season for a third appearance on CBS’s “How I Met Your Mother,” the Hollywood Reporter says, citing the show’s co-creator Craig Thomas. The show had record ratings on Spears’ first visit and her second episode was written to allow for her possible return, the newspaper reports.
–Danny King


  1. So far, the hero, Ted, has not yet met the “Mother” of the title, that we know of. It would be a hoot if it were Britney!

  2. So does this mean that Thomas knows something we don’t about Mother‘s status?
    CBS didn’t give the show a public pickup for fall yet, and the CBS upfront isn’t until Wednesday (5/14) at 4:00 PM EDT.
    Despite decent ratings, rumor has it there’s someone in the exec suite at CBS who hates, hates, hates the show and wants to see it gone.

  3. Relax, Bil, it has now been renewed. So we will find out who “mother ” is, after all! Maybe it’s Samantha from Samantha Who on the other network!
    I like my idea of it maybe being Britney’s character…:)
    If I were the kids, I would ask: “Dad, why did you bore us with all those stories of what happened years before you met Mom? You’re worse than Edith Bunker-you never get to the point!”
    Just kidding-can’t wait until the title girl shows up/is revealed….

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