Joan Rivers Talks Foul, Gets Boot

Jun 18, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Joan Rivers was asked to leave a live British talk show for using foul language, the Associated Press says. Rivers used the bad words during a conversation about actor Russell Crowe guest hosting “Loose Women” and was asked to leave the set during the commercial break, the AP says.
—Sergio Ibarra


  1. I’m just wondering why this is a big topic.
    1) She did warn the folks that shew should be “Bleeped”, because she thought she was on a delayed broadcast.
    2) In the EU, things are loser. in the UK, itself, ITV is well known for being looser in language and syntax than the BBC or UKTV.
    3) This is just giving extra attention to a celeb that shouldn’t really get it.
    Wake up everyone. It’s not that big of a deal. Quit forcing this down our throats, for your own profit.

  2. Joan Rivers is one of the best and we all know it.
    When people book her, you book her for what she is going to say and how she is going to say it.
    Joan told me one, “Be the best, be the first or be the one doing it the longest.”
    Joan Rivers says what some of us want to say.
    Ratings can be a before or after thought.
    People really don’t turn off their TVs, but they won’t always turn them on unless you give them a reason to.
    You go Joan, from Ready or not R.O.N.
    (Joan does read this.)

  3. Who in God’s name considered creating a mosque at ground zero was indeed useful? I am not really a great fan of either Glen Beck or Sarah Palin and yet when compared with Obama and his supremely senseless organization, the above are prodigies, get real The united states, there is plenty of weird stuff going down. Enid.

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