NBC Preps 107 for Olympic Coverage

Jul 16, 2008  •  Post A Comment

NBC will have a team of 107 commentators covering the 17-day Olympic Games next month, the Hollywood Reporter says. Of those, 28 analysts are former Olympians who have won a combined 42 medals in the past. Bob Costas will return to cover his eighth Games with the network, his seventh in primetime, while Jim Lampley will handle afternoon duties and Mary Carrillo will lead the late-night coverage, the trade reports.
—Sergio Ibarra


  1. I have been diligently watching your Olympic programs from 7-1:00 a.m. – with little excitement! I am in awe of Michael Phelps and his accomplishments along with the glory he brings to the USA – and evidently some good money from the advertised sale of tapes! He’s good and deserves headlines – but it is ONE sport and I would have been content to watch a couple of heats of qualifying to get acquainted with other participants – and the finals. Likewise, diving – a few qualifying rounds to meet divers of all nations and assess their skills – not 6 or 12 rounds -whatever! – of chatter from analysts and bodies dropping into water with little distinguishing or informative dives from one to the next. Swimmers who were not PHELPS hardly needed to appear – glad we at least got a bit of the women’s races.
    Beach Volley ball took most of several nights – when it would have been nice somewhere along the line to see at least a final portion of a baseball or basketball game, I understand they even had Tennis!!! Did catch a regular Volleyball game.
    The Decathalon is reputed to portray the most highly skilled athlete of the world – we saw Bryan Cave toss the what – discus? – and drag around the final track event. What a poor pre-sentation of what should be a HEADLINER – hyped on every event as a figure to be modeled in all round physical participation. {I wonder if he’ll have moneyed sponsors for this and that? – who is going to even know who Bryan Cave is? No one who followed NBC OLYMPICS on TV!!
    I enjoy Gymnastics – but not hours on end of repetitive, required procedures forced on the Olympians – to which, it seems, the judges have no standard of application! I’ve been following the Olympics for many years – and this has always been an area of confusion and unbelieveable differences on application of scoring regulations/requirements. {This year AGE was a different type of requirement that was quite evidently ignored!
    I understand there was a Heptathalon – is that true? I read about a woman who acquired 3 new skills to participate — and haven’t seen or heard a word since!
    I have no doubt it is impossible to actually cover all that goes on at such a vast event, scattered over acres of land and water. And I do compliment you on your efforts. Liked Costas, and Mary Carillo’s human interest stories. But I detest those Commentators interviewing those who have just won or lost! – “What did you think – or feel – what went wrong – etc.” They are inane (not just at the Olympics!) – and you could use the time for something else and let the participants get ready for their next event.
    Oh, look there is Michael Phelps AGAIN! resting on his laurels, finishing a heat, smiling! – right in the midst of the China/Cuba Volley Ball game!
    It’s almost 1:00 a.m. – and I must retire!

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