Portable TVs Face Glum Post-DTV Future

Jul 7, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Portable, battery-powered TVs will become useless after the digital TV transition, the Los Angeles Times reports. With no battery-powered converter boxes manufactured yet, Americans will lose a valuable means of communication during public emergencies, the newspaper says. While retailers are selling digital portable TVs, they are much more expensive at about $200 and are not as readily available, the newspaper notes.
—Vlada Gelman


  1. The government in charge of this conversion apparently didn’t think of emergencies when they did this or the manufacturers didn’t realize the need for battery operated DTV.
    During stormy weather, we loose our cable TV link and especially during tornado watch / warnings when we NEED information – no TV connection except for our small portable TV. Now those TVs will not work after this conversion – so basically we lose our only information source.
    After Hurricane Katrina, the battery operated TV was the only way the get TV. Then when the power came back on, I had to hook the TV to rabbit ears, NO cable – Katrina got that too.
    So who profits from this conversion? How will we get TV signals during disasters?

  2. I am disappointed that no one thought of the bettery operated t.v.!! I have two that are very expensive and I don’t want to buy another one. It seems that no one gave a thought to emergencies! which is one big reason why people bought them.)Why can’t we use them? Because THEY said so!!Someone needs to figure out how we can still use them. A comment was made by another paper that we should just quit crying and listen to a good old fashion radio.They must not have been in a hurricane. Alot more info can be seen. Where trees are down, where there is flooding, what gas stations may be open, is my family ok in the shelter, is it ok to go back home etc etc..
    So should I just throw my “old” t.v.’s out??? I have a better idea.. fix the problem!!!!!!
    Someone will be making money on this I am sure!!!

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