‘Jericho,’ ‘Moonlight’ Viewers Were Stable Shows

Aug 18, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Although CBS’ “Jericho” and “Moonlight” won’t be coming back this fall, they demonstrated remarkable audience stability, SyFy Portal reports. The two genre series came in first and second, respectively, on a list of 13 shows tracked using Nielsen Media Research Fast National ratings system during the 2007-08 season, SyFy Portal reports. The numbers indicate the amount of audience retained based on the show’s highest overnight rating compared with its average.
—Christopher Perez


  1. I am a big Jericho fan. the frustration of trying to save this show is incredible. The show is so good, and CBS did nothing to promote it. I only hope that one of the cable channels will pick it up. What a shame. A decent show worth watching, and they cancel it. Thank God for cable..

  2. Another meaningless statistic. “Jericho” aired no reruns, and “Moonlight” aired few if any reruns. Since those generally significantly underperform any series’ average, that served to smooth out the season average for both shows.

  3. I believe the weekly magazine Television Week posts the TV ratings and what surprised me about Moonlight getting cancelled was that
    there was even one week’s ratings, that I happened to see, where Moonlight even won it’s time slot in ratings and I was thinking why would a network cancel a show that is winning its time slot against the other networks?
    Maybe this was the only week that occurred. Just an observation. I watched both Jericho and Moonlight. My DVR operates less now.

  4. Mark: Actually, if the statistic IS meaningless (which I disagree with anyway), it’s not because of the reasons you state, since reruns weren’t counted.
    This was based on first-run numbers, eliminating reruns or encore broadcasts. The index compares the highest overnight first-run rating to the average overnight first-run rating. There are no reruns or anything else, so reruns or lack thereof are not a factor at all in the index.
    Thanks for picking this up, TVWeek. This is something new we’re offering, especially as we head into the upcoming television season. 🙂

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