RNC Prepares for Rain Delay

Aug 29, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Depending on its impact on the U.S., Hurricane Gustav may delay the Republican National Convention, which is set to begin Monday night in St. Paul, Minn., Broadcasting & Cable reports. A representative for the convention confirmed that organizers are monitoring the hurricane, which many sources believe will make landfall on the Gulf Coast Tuesday morning. Television networks, on the other hand, have confirmed resources are in place to cover both the RNC and Gustav.
—Christopher Perez


  1. the rnc definitely dont want bush and cheney standing there in the twin cities while gustav bears down on the gulf coast. they should just cancel the whole thing anyways with mccain’s desperate vp choice its all over anyway!
    the republicans have been looking for their margaret thatcher for decades, they may have found her. shes tough but green. sarah has a gun, and will be in washington someday, but her time may be 10 or 20 years away. if mccain ever won that just means it will be hillary vs. jeb bush in 2012 and the world doesnt need that!!!

  2. The Republicans prayed for rain on Obama day of accepting the nomination and God did answered that prayer with a bright and sunny day. Now the rain they prayed for is coming during their convention–be careful what you ask for–‘you’ just might get it.
    Ps. Mccain tried to steal the headlines from Obama by electing a female VP now Gustav is going to steal his headline—God is good and in control.

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