CBS News Not Laughing at Letterman

Sep 26, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Anonymous insiders at CBS News are none too happy about David Letterman’s recent send-up of Sen. John McCain’s recent appearance on CBS’s “The Evening News With Katie Couric,” TVNewser reports. “If we had done something like that to him, someone around here would end up getting fired,” said one source. Another inside source said, “[CBS News was] pretty aggravated. But they were not about to start a fight with Letterman. We’re in the middle of a heavy, heavy news cycle and Letterman is Letterman. He does whatever he wants and always has.” On Wednesday the senator canceled an appearance on Letterman’s “Late Show,” only to be seen being interviewed by Couric during the show’s taping.
—Christopher Perez


  1. David Letterman had an appointment, Arizona’s Senator cancelled it. Letterman exposed the Senator as an opportunist, who, in fact, has shot himself in the foot (again.
    Right on, Dave!
    The News Division is pissed? Hey, they have gotten a lot of free “publibo” over this. They need it.
    If CBS was smart they would put Katie in with Harry on The EARLY SHOW and move a true newsperson into the Evening News Anchor chair.
    Oh, I forgot, CBS is still held captive by Moonves…when they finally trash him, the network has a chance to move back up the ladder to respectability…but they better hurry. He continues to line his pockets with CBS gold while digging a deeper grave from which the Tiffany network will have to escape.
    Peter Bright

  2. Most News Anchors have sold out their integrity for sweet comments that twitch or tickle the ears of the left wing of society to the point that good meaningful news is lacking. They could all go back to school and find out how to give us just the facts. People today are educated and able to form their own opinions if given fact to work from.
    The First NetWork to accomplish factual News without any type of spin, liberal twist, or racist remark toward any religion, party or other network ,(etc.) will easily become the most watched in the nation!
    The News media must truly believe that “We the People”, are going to see everything just as they do. If that thought were to be true, then News Anchors are responsible for who we elect to Washington!
    Give us some credit!
    A Bryant

  3. How come no one has a problem with Obama cancelling the SNL Season Premiere?

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