Katie Couric’s on a Roll

Sep 30, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Suddenly, Katie Couric is falling upward. The nightly third-place finisher in the evening news race is enjoying a field day with her Gov. Sarah Palin interviews and the tough questions she had for members of Congress during Monday’s Wall Street collapse, the Philadelphia Inquirer says. The paper calls her Monday interview with Palin and Sen. John McCain “a public-relations disaster” for the candidates and lauds her questioning of House Minority Leader John A. Boehner, R-Ohio. “What in the world are you people doing?” she asked the congressman.
—Christopher Perez

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  1. Kati Couric should be proud of her relentlessness of late. I rarely watch CBS news, but have not missed an interview with Palin. You go, Katie. Make her answer those questions on the second or third try! Great interviewing!

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