NBC Makes Its Way to Gainesville

Sep 17, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Gainseville, Fla., finally will get its own NBC affiliate, TVNewsday reports. The affiliate’s station, WNBW-TV, is a new full-power digital-only outlet. The station will be one-third of a triopoly managed by New Age Media, the Web site says. WNBW has begun testing over-the-air but it’s still constructing the facilities it needs to import and broadcast NBC programming. “We are confident it will be ready for a [Jan. 1] launch,” said Mike Yanuzzi, president of New Age.
—Christopher Perez


  1. I live in gainesville and dont get wbnw.Why

  2. I live About seven miles SE of Ocala and cannot pick up your station on my antenna, it is apopx. fifty feet above my ground level. Is there anything I can do to pick up your signal?

  3. i live north of gainesvilee and i get gainesville my 11 and cbs 4 but i dont get this new channel, does anyone know why?

  4. When wiii your station begin transmitting?

  5. When wiii your station begin transmitting?

  6. When wiii your station begin transmitting?

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