Palin At Best With Prepared Answers on ABC

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Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin spoke with ABC News’ Charles Gibson in her first sit-down interview since being announced as Sen. John McCain’s running mate. The New York Times says she did the best she could with prepared answers that drew on what appeared to be planned talking points. “Mr. Gibson, who sat back in his chair, impatiently wriggling his foot, had the skeptical, annoyed tone of a university president who agrees to interview the daughter of a trustee but doesn’t believe she merits admission,” the paper said. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times says that at times she appeared “stumped” but was cognizant of people’s concerns with her foreign relations experience.
—Sergio Ibarra


  1. Could the media bias BE any more obvious? Egad, if she doesn’t know an answer, she’s unacceptable. And if she does know an answer, she’s speaking the words of others, so she’s still unacceptable.
    Thank God, the public is smart enough to figure that out. She doesn’t have an 80 percent approval rating in Alaska for nothing.

  2. I’m a bit tired of people fawning over Palin and bending over backwards to find her qualified. The only reason she has an 80% approval rating in Alaska are the tax cuts she enacted there.
    It wasn’t a Democrat who claimed Palin is qualified in foreign affairs because Alaska is near Russia or that she is qualified because she sold a state jet on eBay. Those statements were made by Cindy McCain and Laura Bush, respectively.
    To suggest we shold consider going to war with Russia over Georgia is the height of irresponsibility. I shudder if she ever gets into the Oval Office with access to the nuclear trigger.
    As for media bias (first time I ever heard Charles Gibson accused of that), lately in my part of the country I have been seeing only McCain ads on TV and none for Obama.

  3. Karl Rove, Karl Rove, Karl Rove. This country can not afford more time of his influence on the way things are “spun” at the highest levels.
    She has been given the cram course by that Republican Spin Doctor and his spinning subordinates.
    She’s smart alright, smart enough to THINK she knows all the answers giving fast, rhetorical answers that do NOT cut the mustard. This is not a Poli-Science Course…this is the real thing and to contemplate her and her Spin Doctor & Co. having access to THE Codes and the Red Button is beyond scary.
    If, as is written above, she does have 80% approval in Alaska, great, they can keep her.
    It is amazing to me that of all the good Republicans that could have been chosen for VP, they went with a “strategy to win” versus a “strategy to serve”. I pray their poor choice backfires in the voting booth and not in the Oval Office.
    Peter Bright

  4. why does no one ask BHO about his reluctance to engage in usual “town hall” debates with McCain.
    turn off the teleprompter and a BHO answer is a wandering series of uhmms, ahhs , let me let ya’s and change. as for the plagiarist Biden, everday brings a new foot-in-the-mouth moment. too bad the liberal-loving media never notices.

  5. She’s at least as qualified as a Senator that’s only served 3 1/2 years of his term, with almost 1/2 of that campaigning. So much for his representing residents of Illinois, which is what he was elected to do.

  6. Charlie Gibson appearing impatient and annoyed! What did you expect from the left wing pinko media he represents?

  7. I’m sorry, but I felt I was watching a high school senior or beauty queen contestant trying to bs her way through questions which she had no idea what the answers were. This is absolutely absurd.
    This person is light years away in intelligence, education and sophistication in being ready for the world stage.
    After watching that interview, I just can’t believe the GOP supporters are not totally humiliated at what McCain has done by choosing her. If his aim was to nominate a woman, there are dozens of them MUCH more qualifed than this immature, self-absorbed, dishonest woman from Alaska. Frankly, the female senator from Alaska would have been a much better choice.

  8. Palin has as much “international and foreign relations experience” as Obama does. Obama, too, is just regurgitating what his tutors have fed him. The difference is that Obama is running for PRESIDENT, and has been practicing his lines for 18 months instead of just TWO WEEKS.
    The other difference is that the media has given Obama a total PASS. They have failed to note that, while “community service” may be noble (unless it’s just a calculated shoehorn to wedge your way into politics) — but it does NOT qualify one to become a Chief Executive. The media has been completely willing to overlook that — but Palin didn’t. I hope she doesn’t back down.
    The media has similarly not bothered to confront Obama with gradeschool arithmetic. His proposed health care plan, for instance, would cost trillions of dollars, and he has no way to pay for them. No comment from the media, however.
    You may be seeing more McCain ads on T.V. — but McCain is paying for his ads. The press coverage given to Obama during the past year has ben FREE as well as slanted — possibly a violation of federal election law. Wake up and smell the rotting BIAS!
    If you have to have a “trainee” on the ticket, better to put that person in the co-pilot seat — not in charge of the executive branch, including the U.S. Military and the Big Fat Veto Pen.
    Wait until the debates. Frankly, I don’t think Obama is going to be able to cock his head to one side for the entire event and hem-haw-uh-uh-duh his way out of live questions and answers. He’s good at reading from the teleprompter, but lousy at coming up with intelligent responses based on executive experience. Could be because he doesn’t HAVE any???

  9. I would agree that Charlie Gibson looked very annoyed and had a condescending almost lecturing tone…..there is a holy war alright and its being waged by the MSM, Hollywood and the DEMS against her.
    These holy warriors have also been saying that Jesus was an organizer and Pilot was a governor… well Pilot crucified Jesus as I recall and in this case however, I don’t think Obama will rise up on the third day after November 4th.
    If they keep raging, the congress may be lost too.

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