Chernin Says FCC Threatens 1st Amendment

Oct 22, 2008  •  Post A Comment

News Corp COO Peter Chernin, winner of a Freedom of Speech Award, says that if the Supreme Court doesn’t rule against the Federal Communications Commission on its enforcement of indecency violations, the First Amendment would be threatened, TelevisionWeek says. The case stems from live, profane comments from Nicole Richie and Cher during award shows on Fox. The case “hinges on utterances that were unscripted on live television. If we are found in violation, just think about the radical ramifications for live programming—from news, to politics, to sports … in fact, to every live broadcast television event,” Chernin said. “The effect would be appalling.”
–Jon Lafayette


  1. Chernin’s got this right.
    Now if he would apply like sound thinking to the rest of the FOX Enterprises, focusing especially on FOX News(?)…sorry, Peter, but what Ailes, Rove and others have done has left a big question mark over that entity…
    Peter Bright

  2. Are you thinking about content exchange? I had few similar blogs but I closed them. Income was low.

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