Election Boosts Newswomen

Oct 31, 2008  •  Post A Comment

As election season builds to a climax, some of the most probing interviews and buzzy commentary is being provided by women on TV, Salon says. In particular, three women have been thrust into the spotlight: CBS’ Katie Couric, CNN’s Campbell Brown and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, the Web site says. “This election, built as it has been around two history-making female candidates, traditional ‘women’s issues’ like the economy and healthcare and the acknowledgment of the power of female voters, also happens to have been translated, interpreted and picked apart by women newscasters. And that’s something new,” the article declares.
— Jon Lafayette


  1. It’s interesting that the “women” newscasters have been so blatantly biased against the female candidate. I’m guessing it’s jealousy. After all, didn’t these women also get journalism degrees? None of them have the intelligence to run a state so they are picking on one who does. I’m guessing Salon won’t go there.

  2. Actually, none of the women mentioned are journalism majors. Couric majored in American Studies and both Brown and Maddow studied political science, with Rachel earning a doctorate in PolySci as well while toiling as a Rhodes Scholar. It appears only Palin is the journo major here.

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