KTRK Pilot, Photographer Die in Copter Crash

Oct 13, 2008  •  Post A Comment

A pilot and photographer working for ABC affiliated Houston station KTRK-TV died today when their helicopter crashed in nearby Montgomery County, Texas, the Houston Chronicle reports. No information regarding the cause of the crash has been made available, but the station aired the final seconds of video it received from the helicopter, which showed the aircraft banking to the right before the screen went to black. Pilot John Downhower and photographer Dave Garrett were both contracted workers for the station.
—Christopher Perez


  1. Unfortunately, KTRK’s sister station “13abc” in Toledo… as well probably did quindruple team coverage and probably dropped the afternon line up to cover it. Anything that happens in Houston at 13, seems to show up in Toledo on WTVG-13…
    Why make 1 tragedy into 2. The first was the crash… The “promotion of the network/sister stations” as being the second.
    I woudn’t be surprised of they planned to fly Lee Conklin or Jeff Smith down there, to Houston.
    ABC local managers should wake up. Toledo and Houston don’t need the 1000 mile gap of coverage. Its a turn off! One of reasons I don’t watch WTVG.. other than lack of local fact checking and the digital NOT coming in and staying in.
    My condolances to KTRK’s staff.

  2. “ABC affiliated Houston station KTRK-TV”
    Speaking of facts being checked… that’s an ABC/Disney O&O… not an affiliate. Both KTRK and WTVG are both ABC/Disney… on channels 13 and 13.. same logo.

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