Obama Show Attracts Raves

Oct 30, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Barack Obama paid more than $3.5 million for a 30-minute slice of primetime Wednesday, and it was money well spent, Washington Post and USA Today say. The Post called it an elegant combnation of sounds, voice, and music that recalled Ronald Reagan’s “Morning In America” commercials. “There didn’t have to be a big finish to the show, but there was: a live appearance by Obama, joined at the last moment by Biden, from a stadium in Florida. ‘America, the time for change has come,’ Obama boomed, and the crowd’s roar grew louder with his voice,” the Post says. “As a piece of political theater, the program was a low-key triumph, a message perfectly attuned to the cool side of the medium,” USA Today says. Meanwhile, the merits of the infomercial was debated all over television, the Washington Post reports.
— Jon Lafayette


  1. As a film student and amateur historian, I recall another historic leader who also commissioned his own political theater films.
    History recalls the man was an “eloquent speaker” whose “personal magnetism” inspired his followers to high frenzy.
    Despite having never held the reigns of high government office before, he ran for the leadership of his country, saying the old people and the old ways needed to change. Like ours today, his country was in a terrible financial crisis; they had also lost their once high position of respect in the world.
    With his “personal magnetism” and fiery speeches as his only credentials, his adoring followers elected him into office. Once there, he swiftly consolidated his power and changed long held laws and deftly made his position of power unassailable….then, with his adoring country behind him, he led his country and a great part of the world into destruction.
    By the time his countrymen “realized” what this man was really all about, it was too late to stop him. Even today, we’re still dealing with the fallout of that legacy.
    The old sage said, “Be careful what you wish for…you just might get it.”

  2. I am sick and tired of people comparing Obama with terrorists and fascists. I would like to respectfully remind Chaz that it is not the Democrats, but the Republicans who have imprisoned people without charges and trial and advocated and passed warratnless surveillance (though the Democrats voted for some of this, too), and it was a Republican President who got us inbto a war under false pretenses.
    Also, Obama, unlike Hitler, doesn’t blame ethnic groups or other countries for the nation’s woes, nor is he calling for America to expand to take over other English-speaking countries as Hitler did with Austria, another German-speaking country. In fact, he wants to negotiate with other countries such as Iran, unlike McCain.
    The comparison with Hitler completely makes no sense.

  3. Nice to see Obama spending the big bucks to buy voters affections. too bad he’s not a generous with his own money for the downtrodden in his own family tree.

  4. The package Obama delivers to voters is beautiful. Inside? Inside the Obama package, unwrapped after the election, what can we expect?
    Partial-birth abortion and infanticide, ensuring that babies die who “accidentally survived abortion,” will be finally and permanently be entrenched as lawful “choice” in America.
    School “choice” will be limited to “choosing” to stay in the public school system, denying parents a real choice to use their own tax dollars for top-quality charter and private schools.
    Our American president will be able to further cultivate the already glowing approval of Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Hamas leaders, and Louis Farrakhan, all of whom praise Obama’s politics.
    The Supreme Court will be used to make law in the United States, nine men and women overriding the will of the American people expressed in elections and the legislative process. We will work hard to make laws. The Supreme Court will work harder, striking down our laws and replacing them with theirs.
    Marriage will no longer mean one man and one woman.
    Legal immigration will be replaced by a U.S. citizenship conferred on people who happen to merely “show up” at the window to fill out paperwork.
    Taxes will be increased on entrepreneurs and investors from less than 38 percent to more than 50 percent.
    Entrepreneurs and investors will take their money…and their jobs…out of the country to countries like China and India where lower taxes will reward their investment. American jobs will move overseas.
    New American jobs will be created when taxes on Americans are increased to build new social programs to provide FDR-style governmental work project jobs.
    Healthcare will be nationalized, paid for and controlled by the federal government…just as countries like Canada and England admit failure with their own nationalized healthcare. They want what we have. Our president will want what they wish to abandon.
    The majority of Americans are opposed to what is inside the Obama package. Amazingly, it seems that they might vote for him anyway. The wrapping paper and ribbons on the package look so pretty.

  5. I heard that the show got mediocre reviews. Most people thought he showed his arrogance and was completely negative. However, perhaps those reviewers didn’t remember that being negative about America is what the Deomcrats always lead with. The exception was, as expected, Chris Matthews. But then again, I think his tingling leg has morphed into a full-blown orgasm.

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