‘Partridge’ Update Finds Home on NBC

Oct 1, 2008  •  Post A Comment

NBC has picked up the upcoming remake of classic 1970s series “The Partridge Family,” the Hollywood Reporter says. Jeff Rake will serve as writer while Reveille, Geffen Records and Sony TV are set to produce. The new version will feature not a singing matriarch but a “well-meaning mom pimping her kids in order to create a wholesome-slash-sexy cash cow,” Rake tells the Reporter. Rake also recently sold an untitled comedic-drama project for development to Fox, the trade says.
—Sergio Ibarra


  1. Too bad the writers couldn’t come up with something original instead of reconstituting another old series. First it was Knight Rider and now this. And by the way, no one can replace my high school crush, Susan Dey.

  2. This show blew in the ’70s…why is it better now? Have our standards dropped that far? I know…let’s get Danny Bonaduce to play Rueben. Nice little tie-in to the original. And Susan Dey could play the mom! She’s probably still pretty hot.
    By the way, I’m still waiting on the remake of “It’s About Time.” One season wasn’t enough!

  3. I agree with Chopper, with some variation… Let Danny and Susan be their original characters. Susan can be the mom trying to relive her heydey (pun intended) vicariously through her children. Danny can be the producer, jaded from a failed past as a child music star who tries to steer his nieces and nephews away from the pitfalls he fell into.

  4. Actually, it was Bionic Woman, then Knight Rider, now The Partridge Family.
    Before that, it was Battlestar Galactica, but that’s on NBC Universal’s Sci-Fi.
    Originality isn’t a factor on television these days. Many of the new shows this season are based on foreign series.

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