Schieffer Set for Last Debate

Oct 13, 2008  •  Post A Comment

CBS News’ Bob Schieffer is ready to moderate the third and final presidential debate Wednesday night having learned from the frustrations of the previous moderators, the Associated Press reports. Gwen Ifill faced difficulty getting the vice-presidential candidates to address the questions asked, while Tom Brokaw had to remind the presidential candidates about the time limits outlined in the rules. Schieffer tells the wire service: “It will not embarrass me, if they go off in a different direction, to say ‘excuse me, could you focus on the question that I just asked?'”
—Sergio Ibarra

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  1. We the people deserve a true, unabashed confrontation of opposing views tomorrow night.
    It is very important that Bob Schieffer hold their toes to the fire…that they be kept on subject, answer the questions and not spew forth the paplem we were force fed last week.
    These two have been “on the trail” for two years.
    Enough of the homogenized, pre-chewed, half digested s–t.
    Let’s see them get down to it and present their honest sides of the issues live and unabridged.
    Bob, you are our last hope before November 4TH.
    Step up, Bob. You are the Elder Statesman tomorrow. You are respected and respectful, but don’t be too polite. Challenge the BS and pull out some TRUTH.
    We, The People are relying on you.
    Peter Bright

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