TV Still Wields Election Year Clout

Oct 24, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Bloggers and YouTube have had an impact, but television has had the most influence on this election year, the Los Angeles Times says. Take the impressions viewers got during the third presidential debate when a split screen showed both candidates at once. “Obama looked so calm, cool and collected you half expected him to break into the opening strains of ‘Summer Wind,'” the paper observes. “Meanwhile, McCain spluttered, blinked and twitched, possessed by a cacophony of physical tics that were, by turns, frightening and laughable.” At first pundits thought McCain had scored points, but poll results showed Obama was the big winner. “If the main purpose of the televised debate is to allow viewers to decide who looks more presidential, there was no contest–because Obama wins the television race in every category, every time.”
— Jon Lafayette

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  1. The election year process is always a nice affirmation for everyone in the TV business, and especially for advertisers, that the influence of Television is 2nd to none. If you want to make a strong long-lasting impression for your brand, utilize the media that media that builds brand,-Television! Looks like the ‘Obama Brand’ is leading because of the heavy presence of TV ads and composure during TV News interviews and debates, go figure. There is a good reason that the politicians who spend the most on TV ads are the ones that win their respective races and gain the seat that they are looking for. During the last couple of decades 95%-98% of Presidential campaign war chests have been wisely invested in TV.
    -Troy S. Woody

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