Carson’s Lawyer Spilling Beans

Nov 3, 2008  •  Post A Comment

“Bombastic Bushkin,” as Johnny Carson used to refer to him during his monologues, is getting ready to tell tales about his late client in book he’s shopping to publishers, according to the New York Post. He says Carson cheated on his wives, was tormented by his mom and refused to visit his son when he was hospitalized with emotional problems. “He was the saddest guy I ever knew,” Henry Bushkin tells the paper.
— Jon Lafayette


  1. Well, is anybody surprised when another nobody tries to cash in by trashing the person who gave him a nice house in a nice neighborhood, and more money than he could have ever made otherwise? Bing Crosby got the same treatment after he died, so maybe we should just shrug it off, and not buy his book.

  2. Everything I have read about Bushkin thus far since Carson’s death has not been flattering to the night show host’s former partner. Perhaps Bushkin wants to tell his side of the story and set the record straight. Nothing wrong with that.
    Al Clamente

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