Palin Makes the TV Rounds

Nov 12, 2008  •  Post A Comment

As former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin gives interviews to various TV outlets this see, she is “unleashed but not humbled,” the New York Times says. Her interviews began airing before her running mate, John McCain, got his post-election say in on “The Tonight Show” Tuesday. McCain defended Palin while talking with Jay Leno, Reuters says.
—Jon Lafayette


  1. When is this woman going to go back to Alaska, and when are Alaskans going to realize they are just a stepping stone?
    – Andrew, MALL727net –

  2. The ambitions of the “Governor” have no limit.
    Someday she will hit her wall. She is not the smart, “I know, I’m experienced” person so many have been duped into thinking she is.
    At least she is NOT in line for succession for the Oval Office.
    I hope she’s thirteen minutes into her fifteen, but she still has some people fooled.
    Peter Bright

  3. Dang! Do you people not give up? “Unleashed but not humbled”…what does that mean? Talk about not humbled…”The Office of the President-Elect”…did any MSM outlet give us the history of the Office of the President elect? NO!!! Because it doesn’t exist!! Palin’s done just two interviews…not with Oprah, not with Barbara. Imagine that. No one wants to talk to McCain. Just scrutinze fairly and evenly. Ask President-elect Obama some questions…about a lot of things. (and turn the prompter off) Someone stand up and be a journalist.

  4. Seriously, the media bias against this woman is killing me. It is beyond ridiculous!

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