Palin Still a Big Get for Nets

Nov 7, 2008  •  Post A Comment

She won’t be vice president, but an interview with Gov. Sarah Palin is still being pursued by many of TV’s biggest names, the Huffington Post reports. The governor’s office has fielded requests from Barbara Walters, Oprah Winfrey, Larry King and others, the Web site says. “The intensity of all the interest is amazing. Everyone wants to talk to her,” Palin spokesman Bill McCallister says.
—Jon Lafayette


  1. I hope she picks wisely — No liberal losers. No Walters, No Gibson, No Couric. Possibly Oprah, only because her female audience is so big. It’s a shame that one of the sharpest women in politics was treated so badly by the media. America missed it’s opportunity to elect a great woman as VP. Perhaps it’ll get another chance in 4 years.

  2. She’s not bad, Donna, but she stumbled early on in interviews and also came across as a bit too folksy. She was also a victim of people being sick and tired (legitimately, in my opinion) of GOP rule.
    In 4 years, she wil be much better prepared and may even be ready to make a run for the top job.
    Certainly McCain won’t run again-he might, if he were younger.

  3. Donna…I keep reading your comments and have resisted saying anything, but enough is enough. If you think this woman is the sharpest women in politics, you’ve been listening to too much Hannity and Rush. It’s obvious you have been brainwashed by the right wing hate media. Please buy a clue or actually read something other than Ann Coulter.

  4. Sarah Palin is the true former beauty queen contestant, who is still wanting the limelight at any cost.
    Take it from me. I did many “Beauty Queen” shows to include: The Junior Miss Pageant; The Mother-Daughter Pageant; Dream Girl USA and others. I have been around literally thousands of these contestants and the really ambitious ones, and there were some in every group, were dangerous to others and themselves. They are easy to spot.
    Ms. Palin is right in the middle of that mentality. The ego is oversized and ready to say “yes”, I can do that to anything they think will, at any given moment, propel them up the “ladder”.
    She’s sharp, but the edges cut her and everybody around her. She is not sharp enough to know herself well enough to know when to pass on something offered her for which she is not prepared, or qualified.
    This was definately the case when offered the VP candidacy.
    This mentality will not temper with time. In a position of responsibility where decisions affect potentially millions of people, someone who thinks like her will bring more trouble than she is worth.
    Let her host some stupid TV show. I’m sure the ratings will work their will and soon she will fade into the Alaskan Sunset, where she belongs skinning her latest helicopter shot kill.
    Peter Bright

  5. She talks about children with special needs, yet she cuts special olympics which is a great source of pride for the MR/DD community, and she cut special education in Alaska by 35 percent. She also attascked OBAMA for talking about judges that support the intent of the ADA. She is a loser to the disability community, and is not worth two cents in my humble opinion. I don’t know why the media loves her so much, because she knows how to make a fool out of herself. I never wanted to see her a stones throw away from the title of Commander in chief. Why is it, people with disabilities hate her guts?

  6. Governor Palin was assasinated by the main stream media, and yet she kept her head and spirits high throughout a difficult campaign in which the MSM made sure everything and everyone was stacked against them. The lady didn’t stand a chance because she wasn’t for abortion or gay marriage and oh my gosh, she actually carried a DS baby to term and had it…and kept it! As far as feminists go, she was the antichrist.
    Yes, she could have handled herself better in the couric interview, but it was also edited to make her look as idiotic as humanly possible! And if I had had charlie gibson staring down his nose at me in that condescending way in addition to the tone he used, I’d have rebelled and given a sh*tty interview too. I saw her on many other interviews where she was smart, funny, real and personable. She is a Governor and deserves the same respect anyone, man or woman in such a position commands. The treatment of Palin has been astoudingly shameful.

  7. Why is it that if you are not part of the extreme left you are not worth your salt. Many of the independent voters are sick and tired of the comments of the national news media, CNBC CBS ABC CNN and the likes who are so far LEFT and falling all over them selves to make the news as they see it. They no longer report a unbiased news cast or give equal time to anyone who opposed their views.

  8. Ken, do you think that maybe because you are so far “right” that you could possibly be seeing everything as far left?

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