Fisher Stations Off Dish

Dec 18, 2008  •  Post A Comment

In its latest retransmission consent battle, Dish Network has dropped stations owned by Fisher Communications from its satellite service, TelevisionWeek reports. As in previous situations, Dish says Fisher is seeking increased prices and “unreasonable” terms.
—Jon Lafayette

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  1. The slant on this story gives the reader an impression that Fisher Communications is being unreasonable in their demand for higher rebroadcast compensation from Dish Network.
    Not knowing the details this may be true. But is should be noted after googling Fisher Communications that they are making salary cutbacks as noted in the Seattle Times:
    “Fisher Communications President and CEO Colleen Brown will take a voluntary 10 percent cut in her base salary next year “to help Fisher navigate through these challenging times,” she said in a letter to shareholders.
    It should also be noted that by foregoing her annual bonus she has actually reduced her pay by over 40%
    This is really a story of a station group desperately seeking revenue in these times of hard economic uncertainty.
    As a former employee of a low power station group that lost the revenue battle I know what happens when revenue does not meet with expectation or need.

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