‘Makeover’ Home in Jeopardy

Dec 9, 2008  •  Post A Comment

A Michigan couple may face foreclosure on home rebuilt for them and their blind, autistic son on a ratings record-setting “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” the Associated Press reports. “We didn’t have bad spending habits,” Judy Vardon tells the wire service. “My husband got laid off for a time, and insurance wouldn’t cover [son] Lance’s autism therapy and some other things like his vision and special dental work.”
—Jon Lafayette

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  1. The “Dangling Participal”, to borrow the grammar-ish phrase, for me about this show has always been what happens after many of these disadvantaged families take over these wonderful, new and expensive properties?
    OK, some of the builders and others pick up the mortgage, a very nice move on their part. But what about the the income tax on the collective gifts? And how do they pay the newly appraised (and raised) property tax?
    You take a family of say five on a very modest income and hand them a new, fully furnished six hundred thousand dollar home, how do they pay the income tax? Sell the home?
    I like the premise of the show. I have been moved by the incredible detail to the meet the needs of some of these people, but these couple of questions have never been addressed on the show, (as far as I know).
    So, TY, what’s the poop, man?
    Peter Bright

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