NBC Plans Two-Hour ‘Apprentice’

Dec 3, 2008  •  Post A Comment

NBC plans to run two-hour episodes of “The Apprentice” when the Donald Trump reality-competition show returns next year, TelevisionWeek reports. “Donald has always felt the boardrooms were too short, and I think he’s right,” executive producer Mark. Burnett tells TVWeek. “Right now, there’s really only about nine minutes of footage that we use and the boardroom [scenes] go on for hours sometimes. The problem has been trying to squeeze it all in. Every season we go through the struggle of cutting the show down.”
—Jon Lafayette


  1. This, along with NBC’s winter slate of shows (Howie Do It, Mamma’s Boy, that new dancing show, etc) shows how far NBC has fallen. It’s truly one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen in TV.

  2. Didn’t this show jump the shark several years ago? Even the Martha Stewart version was better executed than the subsequent Trump seasons.
    If the producers get back to the elements of the first season: namely, smart business-school types working on b-school projects, with less emphasis on blatant brand placements and even less emphasis on interpersonal drama between contestants, they’ll be able to ride this show forever because that was interesting. When it began to hew to the imaginary “drama-seeking” audience, the ratings went into the crapper, and from a strictly artistic perspective the show couldn’t have sucked more by that point.
    Why bother bringing back more of the same failure? Why not go back to doing what worked, and be able to claim that the show is elevating tv program quality too?

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