Letterman Done with Bush Bit

Jan 16, 2009  •  Post A Comment

With the Bush administration coming to a close, David Letterman is retiring his “Great Moments in Presidential Speeches,” the Associated Press reports. Friday’s show will feature a retrospective of the best “Great Moments,” the wire service says. Letterman has done the routine, which pokes fun at President Bush’s public speaking style, 378 times since March 30, 2006.
—Jon Lafayette


  1. Of course, the leftist democrat is dropping his shot at the president. He and his staff did the bit because of hatred for President Bush. Now, he’s too much in awe and afraid he’ll damage his rep with his leftist friends to poke (with a sharp pencil) fun at the president elect. Its really interesting to watch the difference in coverage of President Bush and Barack Obama by the ultraliberal media, news and entertainment.

  2. Who will the entertainment world blame when things go wrong now? Their fallback scapegoat is gone. No one to point fingers at now but themselves.

  3. They only made fun of Bush because he stumbled, and made himself look like a bumbling idiot infront of the American public, and was perfect fodder for latenight television. That’s not to say that Clinton was any better, but at least one thing Obama has going for him is that he’s an amazing speaker. There will probably be much less for people to make fun of on a day to day basis.
    Liberal media or not, Bush just made an ass of himself, and with a 22% approval rating (the worst in US history), I think most of Americans thought he was as well.

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