CBS Orders Arranged-Marriage Show

Feb 2, 2009  •  Post A Comment

CBS has picked up a potentially controversial reality show from the producers of “Top Chef” that places singles in arranged marriages, the Hollywood Reporter says. Friends and family choose spouses for four singles, who range from 25 to 45 years old, who want to get married yet haven’t been able to find the right partners, the publication says. The couples then exchange vows and the series, tentatively called “Arranged Marriage,” follows the relationships, the trade paper reports.
—Aimee Picchi


  1. The networks continue to amaze and confound me. Reality is on a down turn and yet the Nets continue to greenlight this stuff. It just continues to demonstrate that creative thought is dying a slow and painful death in the Network Board Rooms. Overall, they nets are not dying. They are just being made irrelevant by the cable nets. It’s kinda like watching John Unitas play 2 or 3 more bad seasons beyond when he should have retired. Cable nets are the place to see quality scripted drama. The big 4 are chasing the most elusive and dis loyal demographic out there, the GAWD ALMIGHTY 18-24 crowd.

  2. Give the show a chance. With the divorce rate at 50%, maybe arranged marriages just might work. It was common practice years ago and still is in many cultures. The key is finding people with similar values.

  3. No moaater how I phrase this, I am going to be labled a sexist. So, here goes. DANG! I never would have expefcted a woman to offer an answer similar to Ann Ivory. C’mon. MS. Ivory is obviously educated. What educated woman OR man could think that an arranged marriage has any place in todays society.

  4. This is what people are truly willing to watch? I am starting to think that Americans are becoming brainwashed by society. It’s through TV first. If Nielsen viewers or even the religious faction of PTC and ADA don’t have a problem with this then Armaggedon is closer than what we think. This is what CBS executives think people really want to watch? Then again they air tasteless crap all the time and get rid of the really good shows. Advertisers will be happy when this show gets high ratings from the sheeople who watch it. They will watch it and defend it.
    This is America but we are overcome by a dictatorship by the 15% who actually have Nielsen boxes.
    Damn shame.
    CBS will never be getting my advertising dollars. All they have is worthless crap.

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