Oscars Fail as Good TV

Feb 23, 2009  •  Post A Comment

The Academy Awards again failed as an exercise in good television, the Washington Post said in a review. “A few earnest attempts were made to liven up the program—one of them the hiring of multitalented movie star Hugh Jackman as the show’s host,” the paper said. The New York Times noted that the show seemed long. “Not even a recession could cut back certain traditions,” the paper said.
—Jon Lafayette


  1. The reviewer is cracked & just wrote that review to get attention. They were good fun. The real drag is the massive commercial breaks which cause viewers to turn off. Buy the show was quite enjoyable and they’re on a good path.

  2. Wish I could comment intelligently but I can’t. I did not watch the show. My wife did, in another room. But from what she says, The reviewer and Jason are both right. Long commercial sweeps and just plain “Blah” show in general, or so says the wife. TO me, This telecast became irrelevent years ago. Always runs long. A forum for the Actors and other winners to press their political opinion like they are right and everyone that disagrees is wrong, etc.

  3. The show was a great change to what has been the genre.
    The innovative way to bring five former winners on to pay tribute to the nominees of their categories and the production numbers brought needed “Live” elements to the broadcast.
    Having a real orchestra on stage added a valuable “step-a-bove” the ordinary award show.
    The set design and utilization with the intimacy of the nominees close to their returning award winners was a great connection for honorees and audience both.
    There was grandeur and fun.
    Sure it is longer than most in time, but it IS the Academy Awards, so live with it once a year.
    The video looked great, the lighting and staging were wonderful and we had some solid entertainment as well.
    Peter Bright

  4. The show was refreshing and (except for the commercial breaks)was much improved over prior years. Hugh Jackman was perfect and other pluses included having five presenters for the major catagories. It proved both facinating and moving, in many instances. I enjoyed the orchestra on stage and loved the intimacy created by the seating. The whole stage was dramatic and lovely. The only misstep, in my opinion, was the “best song” medley — just plain bad. Other than that faux pas, my friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the show.

  5. The show was great, the Washington Post has been suffering depression for a while now, they hate everything. I did not even mind the commercials as I am a clicker, I clicked to HGTV and Food Network during the commercials.
    I LOVED how they had the 5 former winners present the Oscars, they should keep doing that.
    The only ick moment for me were the 2 political moments. Sorry but I do not want any political advice from Hollywood. They do not live in the real world, their opinions are skewed from the fairy tale world they live in.

  6. “A forum for the Actors and other winners to press their political opinion like they are right and everyone that disagrees is wrong, etc.”
    Oh, come on, Billy boy. Only a couple of guys did anything remotely political, both from the same film. It was mostly an apolitical event.
    Still, you have a problem with actors and winners pressing their political opinions like they’re right and everybody that disagrees with them are wrong? So, I take it you’re not a fan of MSNBC and Fox News, two networks on polar opposites of the political spectrum yet equally pressing their political opinions on a daily basis. I’m thinking that you’re a Fox News guy and don’t really see that.

  7. Thurston. Unlike most Americans, I don’t need a news network to tell me how to think. I am old school in that I view both networks, figuring that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Another thing. I don’t want to hear from actors, at an awards ceremony, discussing anything other than the project. There is a time and a place for everything. I don’t begrudge an Actors right to speak out about any subject. Just pick the right forum. The Academy Awards ceremony is neither the time or the place.

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