Stations Face Fuzzy Future

Feb 10, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Television stations are facing a fuzzy future as their viewership and advertising decline, while network executives discuss taking shows directly to cable, where networks can garner reliable subscriber fees during an ad slump, the Wall Street Journal reports. Still, a larger move to cable is likely five to 10 years away, according to CBS Corp. CEO Leslie Moonves, and even though profits have been crimped, most TV stations continue to make money, the newspaper says.
—Aimee Picchi


  1. Where do you get your information from? Viewership declining? Check your facts before spreading more doom and gloom. Get a positive attitude.

  2. TV Owner: The facts come from the WSJ article. Read it. Believe it

  3. And the Wall Street Journal is never wrong.

  4. Darn the lack of a sarcasm button.

  5. Subscription (Web) based dollars? Really? Umm, can someone tell the network exec’s that Newspapers (When they had a subscriber base to fall back on) discovered the following. To charge a fee for that which has been viewed for free, will kill your Web presence. Even the WSJ figured it out. Web viewers will not, let me repeat that, WILL NOT pay to view what was free, in the past.

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