TV Stations May Jump to DTV Early

Feb 3, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Some 400 to 500 television stations could switch to digital signals early, even if the transition date is officially delayed until June from the current Feb. 17 deadline, Dow Jones reports. A date-delay bill in Congress would allow stations to stop analog broadcasts early if they meet some requirements and notify their customers. About 300 stations have notified the FCC they wish to make the switch to DTV early, and about two-thirds of the roughly 1,800 U.S. TV stations are able to move to digital before the proposed June 12 date, the news wire says.
—Aimee Picchi


  1. I say Bully for those stations who don’t kow-tow to the idiots who want to dumb down TV to the lowest common denominator. No matter how long you delay it, the same people will never be ready until you force them into taking action, or maybe give up TV. Like that would be a problem?
    As for me I want the DTV to start so the local stations running on low power can upgrade to full power.

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