‘Idol’ Group Performances Lip-Synched

Mar 26, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Singers on “American Idol” lip-synched their performances during group numbers on the weekly results show, the New York Times reports. While admitting that singers got the electronic assists, the producers maintain that there is no pre-recorded music used during solo performances on “Idol,” the paper says.
—Jon Lafayette

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  1. Lip-synching is very common, particularly since the advent of video in the 1950’s wherein the best taped performances were broadcast in lieu of the synching.
    As for Idol, such does not take away from its entertainment value, and is a necessary technical requirement within its strict time slot, wherein it’s been tough on FOX having been running over the 60 & 120 min. slots, screwing with the DVRs [unless set to extend] and next program start time. Place an ad break at/near 9:00PM [EDT] because they are going over, and an unacceptable % of the tune-in channel surfs to see what’s on elsewhere . . . and doesn’t come back to feed into the subsequent FOX show.
    What I can complain about is the live performance voice/music volume track mixes, wherein the mikes seem down volumed in favor of the music, making it difficult to properly hear & evaluate the performer, and this is per a live HD HDMI digital signal, re FOX’s 720p, via cable, onto a hi-end large screen 1080p LCD. Same on other hi-end equipment.

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