‘Fringe’ Star Announces Layoff on Facebook

May 20, 2009  •  Post A Comment

“Fringe” star Kirk Acevedo announced on his Facebook account that he has been let go from the Fox series, Entertainment Weekly reports, citing the gossip community OhNoTheyDidn’t. In his status updated, Acevedo, who played Agent Charlie Francis, wrote, “WELL BOYS AND GIRLS THEY DONE DID YER BOY WRONG! THEY FIRED ME OFF OF FRINGE, AND IVE NEVER BEEN FIRED IN MY LIFE!!!!”
—Sergio Ibarra


  1. This is too bad. I liked him on that show. And I remember him fondly from Band of Brothers. The one they need to fire is the guy who plays Broyles (or whatever his name is). I can hardly understand him and he’s a terrible actor.

  2. Never been fired? Wow… that guy has led a sheltered life! That aside he was nice to look at… 🙂

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