‘Guy Next Door’ Crowned on Idol

May 21, 2009  •  Post A Comment

The New York Times muses on what “American Idol” voters’ selection of Kris Allen over Adam Lambert says about the state of the Republic. It certainly says the state of “Idol” is strong. “If only Ford could make and sell its cars as well as ‘American Idol’ makes promotional videos to sell its sponsor, the economy might be in better shape,” the paper says. Ratings for the finale were down, but the series still generates TV’s biggest ratings for a regular show, USA Today says.
—Jon Lafayette

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  1. If you missed the two hour IDOL last night, you ripped yourself for the best two hours of live performances on TV that has occured in a long time.
    Wall-to-wall music across a wonderful range of music genres, the IDOL producers DELIVERED!
    I’m jaded. I have worked in music television of and on since the mid-seventies, and last night was T E R R I F I C !!!
    If numbers are down some, then it’s a loss for those who didn’t tune in. We who watched WERE entertained.
    I look forward to what they come up with for next years finale…
    Peter Bright

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