Is ‘Idol’ Ready for a Seemingly Gay Winner?

May 20, 2009  •  Post A Comment

The question that comes to mind as “American Idol” draws to a close is whether the U.S. is ready to anoint an apparently gay 27-year-old from San Diego as the winner, the New York Times reports. Regardless of whether Adam Lambert comes out or not, the controversy has been a boon for Fox’s aging show, the newspaper says. His flash has given the conservative show an edge of hipness, the publication adds.
—Aimee Picchi


  1. Is ‘Idol’ Ready for a Seemingly Gay Winner? What a crock of s**t! What does it matter if he is gay or not and why is this even a question? So, what if he’s gay, that shouldn’t even be an issue! I personally think Kris is the better of the two, Adam screams too much, but that has nothing to do with him being gay or straight and as far as Idol goes, it doesn’t matter who wins at this point just because you win, doesn’t mean you’ll be successful! Paging Taylor Hicks…Who?

  2. Clay Aiken didn’t win, but his sexuality was not an issue. Beofre ‘Idol,’ being gay didn’t hurt Johnny Mathis or others, so why is this an issue?

  3. I agree with Doug and Dean. I’m wondering if we have a homophobe in our midst????

  4. Aimee – are you kidding? Who cares? Like Doug said, Clay Aiken was obviously gay, although he didn’t admit it at the time, and that didn’t make a difference to his success during or after Idol. Adam is incredibly talented with a vocal range few professionals can even come close to – he’ll be successful because of his talent, regardless of his sexuality.

  5. Well whatever the reason, the result is totally f*cked…. Adam was by far the most talented, all-round and sophisticated ready to perform winner… at least he won’t be beholden to AI for what he does now.
    Poor Kris will be forced to sing that godawful AI song for a whole year… Sorry Kris, you ARE good, but Adam was way better. Both of you will have successful careers which is awesome, but I wish that the results for once would be reflective of the real talent.

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