TV Networks Argue TV Still Key

May 26, 2009  •  Post A Comment

This season’s upfront had an odd message from the broadcasters: that most shows are still watched on TV, Advertising Age reports. With the rise of Hulu, DVRs and Facebook, network executives sought to make the case for watching TV on television sets, the trade paper says. Fox Broadcasting’s Jon Nesvig led his pitch with statistics from a Council for Research Excellence study that showed 99% of video is still seen on TV, the publication says.
—Aimee Picchi


  1. Why on earth would this message sound odd? I can only imagine it would sound that way to those who can’t or won’t grasp the reality of it.
    Sure, more people are watching TV shows on computers (and a few… very, very few, in fact, on internet capable TVs) via the internet… more of the people who are willing to watch TV shows that way, that is. Despite these facts, it is way too early to be predicting this is a trend away from TV viewing on TVs.
    Has anyone ever contemplated the notion that those numbers (for internet TV viewing) simply represent what people are doing in addition to regular TV viewing, and not a total replacement of it.
    Or the idea that viewing via the internet is simply more convenient for some people… with high school and college age students being the most obvious examples that come to mind.
    Lest anyone think I am a Luddite, I have 5 computers in my home and outside of the occasional YouTube video, my family’s TV viewing is still done via one of two TVs.

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