Carradine Pal Thinks ‘Lady Boys’ Killed Actor; Retired FBI Agent Agrees

Jun 18, 2009  •  Post A Comment

A friend and associate of the late David Carradine believes the movie and TV star was murdered by gender-bender prostitutes known as Lady Boys,  Contactmusic.com reports.

David Winters, producer of three of the actor’s martial arts movies, asserts Carradine was the victim of Bangkok’s “Lady Boys” and that local police are trying to cover up the truth, the Web site says. 

It also reports that retired FBI agent Ted Gunderson, who has been hired by the Globe newspaper to investigate the Carradine case, concurs with Winters. Gunderson believes the hookers drugged Carradine, hanged him and then staged a suicide setting.

–Tom Gilbert


  1. This is so crazy. Why would the police cover it up? A detective with the chance of solving a celebrity’s murder instead would rather protect some sleazy prostitutes?!
    Mr. Carradine, accomplished and notable, unfortunately died accidentally while performing a dangerous auto-erotic sex act. Sadly, his friends and family are either in denial and/or are worried of this situation marring his legacy.

  2. The FBI was built on cross dressers!

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