Howard Stern Ups Feud with Leno: He’s a Robot and I Don’t Like Him

Jun 10, 2009  •  Post A Comment

In the latest appearance on the “Late Show with David Letterman” Howard Stern, the self-declared  king of all media took more potshots at one of his favorite targets, Jay Leno, ABC News reports.

In other Leno news, the former late night host is already doing promos for his new primetime slot on NBC, and some of those promos will be mini-monologues, Variety reports.

—Chuck Ross


  1. If Howard is also saying Conan is a better host of the tonight show than Jay, Howard is a total idiot. I never did like Howard anyway.

  2. Stern can be funny, but so is Jay, and Letterman can be on occasion. I don’t understand Stern’s issues with Leno… and understand even less why Letterman allows him a platform since Stern has is own. I used to think Dave was a classy guy but this makes me wonder.
    Maybe the green-eyed monster is raising it’s head in two places? All things considered, I’d say Leno has been far more successful in his activities than Stern and Letterman put together.

  3. Oh, man….you just KNOW Leno is hurt by this. Listen, Stern, you are not even a has-been; you’re a never-was. Leno isn’t the funniest guy in the world, but at least he walks upright. Face it: your move to XM took you right off of center stage and now you’re bitter. Wah! And get a haircut-you’re no rock star! 😉

  4. He moved to sirius, not xm, now siriusxm.
    His beef with leno is that leno is not funny. He stole his jay-walking bit straight from stern but will never admit it.

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