Late Night Host Ferguson at One Point Tried to Commit Suicide

Jun 17, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Craig Ferguson, host of CBS’ “Late Late Show,” reveals in his upcoming memoir that he seriously considered suicide during his pre-rehab days in London, the New York Daily News reports.

In his book, “American on Purpose,” due out in September, Ferguson writes, “I felt worse than I ever had. … I was a drunk, a loser and a disaster as a human being,” the Daily News said.

On his way to jump in the Thames, he bumped into a friend who cheered him up, inadvertently saving his life and sending him on a series of showbiz adventures that led to Hollywood, the Daily News said.

–Tom Gilbert


  1. This is news??????

  2. This is OLD news! If you ever watched the show, you’d know he talked about this in his first year.
    Where were you people then?
    Upgrade your computer skills!

  3. Craig Ferguson is one funny guy, and I am sorry he went through all of that. Really, really funny, to be more exact, I think he’s more creative and original than anyone on late night TV (yes, even more than Conan and Dave, who are hilarious). Ferguson is just a hugely underrated talent and I hope he is on TV for a long time to come. But I’m thankful for his friend who stopped him from jumping in the river and I hope he never sees those kinds of lows in his life ever again. Ferguson is the real king of late night TV.

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