Obama Attacks Fox News

Jun 19, 2009  •  Post A Comment

President Obama, referring to Fox News, said, "I’ve got one television station entirely devoted to attacking my administration," PoliticsDaily.com reports.

Interestingly, like many people not in the business, Mr. Obama referred to Fox as a TV station, though, of course, it’s not a broadcast outlet but rather a cable network.

The president added that one would be "hard-pressed, if you watched the entire day, to find a positive story about me" on Fox News. Mr. Obama made his remarks in an interview on MSNBC.

—Chuck Ross


  1. As opposed to the dozens of news outlets that do nothing but worship him. Pretty funny that one who preaches tolerance can’t tolerate an opposing viewpoint.

  2. Poor Obama – Fox won’t give him the same suckfest as all the other networks.

  3. This guy is unbelievable. Maybe he should actually “listen” to the criticism. He might actually learn something.

  4. “We report, You decide”, Roger Ailes’s FOX NEWS says…there’s very little, if any, unbiased “reporting” on the service.
    Roger Ailes is a hack, not a journalist and so is FOX “NEWS”.
    This President is the first to own up to his flaws and mistakes…as he tries to save a country that has been riddled from the Oval Office and the Office of The Vice-President down the last eight years.
    It’s time for the FOX Board to do some firing starting with Ailes…IF they want a true news service.
    Peter Bright

  5. America is really the only country on the planet, where a broadcast network can attack a sitting leader 24hrs a day, without consequence. Fox has demonstrated the illusion of America as a nation. There is no common sense of American identity. In any real country, a newly elected leader has a mandate that he slowly loses as he makes mistakes. Fox proves that for the majority of Americans on either side, there is no us in U.S., Since it is virtually impossible for Obama to do anything about it, and an equivalent media machine will be hurled against the next Republican president, one can only surmise that Americans will be in perpetual self-mutilation until chinese is finally adopted as the official langauge.

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