Over 11 Million Homes Expected to Lose TV Signals

Jun 8, 2009  •  Post A Comment

More the 11 million homes are either completely or partially unprepared for the swithch from analog TV signals to digital ones that is scheduled to occur this Friday, according to a survey conducted a the end of May by Nielsen Media Research, the New York Times reports.

—Chuck Ross


  1. Morons deserve what they get then. What more do they want? They’ve had OVER a calendar year even on February 17th. If they’re going to continue to procrastinate, I won’t listen to their complaining.

  2. I’m not sure that calling people morons is the correct way to term many of those who are not ready for the changeover. Consider the elderly who have to choose between buying a box and paying their bills. Consider those who are not tech savvy and don’t have someone to install the device. Again, they may not have the money to pay someone to do the install. Consider those who simply don’t understand what all this means, either because of their lack of understanding the terminology or simply because they don’t understand the implications. These are but a few of many legitimate reasons. So to make a blanket statement without these and other considerations says that you should be included in the class of moronic complainers.

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